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Looking younger year by year

I'm determined to fight back the years. I realised at a certain point that I was looking more and more like mother - and not her in her youth, but how she looks now. I have enough money that I can spend some time exploring which beauty treatments work for me. I find that a combination of products I use at home and the salon treatments is a great way to keep my skin looking plump and healthy in a natural way. I'm always on the look out for new products and treatments, which I keep track of on this blog.



Quickly creating a naturally fuller head of hair without damaging your natural hair

Many people crave not only longer hair but also a fuller head of hair that looks attractive and full of life as they move and interact. Flip in hair extensions can be a great option for a temporary upgrade to hair volume and length.

Minimal installation time

Flip in hair extensions do not need to be professionally fitted each time you wear them. It is a good idea to get a hairdresser to help you select and trim your flip in hair extensions the first time you wear them so that they blend in well with your hair colour and style. This can help to make sure your extensions look natural and are not noticeable. The other side of this is that they are easy to take out at night or between uses so that you can easily keep your extensions looking good. This is good if you want to be able to switch your volume on and off quickly. 

No damage

The extensions are held against the crown of the head with a light band, known as a wire or halo. They are not attached to the actual hair, which is one way some other types of extensions can end up damaging the hair follicle and potentially restricting the growth of your natural hair. They can be easily removed without pulling on the hair. (This also means they are pain-free, which a lot of users enjoy, as some hair extension techniques including weaves can be very painful to get applied, as well as potentially damaging your hair.)

Natural appearance

As mentioned extensions come in a range of colours which can be matched to your hair colour and a range of length. They can also be found in different textures so that you can choose straight, wavy or curly to suit your natural hair texture. The higher-end flip in extensions, which are often made of human hair, can often be styled as well, so that you can use a curling wand one day and a straightening iron the next day to get a normal variation in hair texture. 

As you can see flip in hair extensions can be a great way to a get a naturally fuller head of hair without damaging your hair. They are also a lot of cheaper than many other styles of hair extensions as they take less time to fit and maintain. Why not chat to your hairdresser to see if flip in hair extensions might work for you?